# Tirugnana Sambandar

Sambandar was a Shaiva poet-saint from Tamil Nadu who lived in the 7th c. BCE. Despite only living for 16 years, he was considered a child prodigy and is regarded as one of the foremost saints and founder of Tamil Shaivism.

According to Tamil folklore, when Sambandar was just 8 years old, he received the milk of wisdom from the goddess Parvathi herself. After seeing his devotion, she appeared before him and offered him a bowl of milk. Upon drinking the milk, Sambandar was instantly blessed with divine knowledge and wisdom. He went on to compose numerous hymns and poems in praise of Lord Shiva and the divine, including the legendary Tamil Thevaram.

Sambandar is also credited with performing several miracles, which helped to establish the Shaivite tradition in Tamil Nadu.
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