Mythlore of Japan:

When Buddhism was adopted in Japan,
various Hindu deities were assimilated into the Buddhist pantheon and adapted to fit the new religious context.

In Japanese folklore,
Benzaiten is one of the Seven Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin) and is the patron goddess of knowledge, water, wealth, speech, eloquence, arts, music, and beauty. She supports and protects artists, writers, and musicians, and is often depicted with a biwa, a traditional Japanese lute.

Benzaiten is a Japanese goddess,
with roots in Hinduism's Matangi. She embodies the blessings of speech, art, learning, and wealth, with traits from the warrior goddess Kali and the goddess of wealth, Laxmi. Although Benzaiten is sometimes confused with Saraswati due to similar depictions, she is actually the goddess of wisdom, wealth, and courage and is considered an aspect of Matangi.

Benzaiten Rules or Goddess of everything that flows:
Water, time, words, speech, eloquence, music and knowledge. She is also the protector of artists, dancers, musicians and arts in general. As a water goddess, the companions of Benzaiten are typically a white snake or a sea dragon.
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