In this Matangi Goddess series, I will retell many unheard legends of Matangi and some of Indian mythology's multiverse facts.

Matanga Muni, a devotee of Lord Shiva who lived in the southern Indian forest of Kadambavanam in Madurai, is credited with inventing the seven basic notes of Indian classical music. He also played a role in the Legend of Lord Hanuman. Due to a curse, Matanga Muni could only accept food that had been tasted by a child. When Lord Shiva and Parvati visited him, they asked Hanuman to taste the food, which pleased Matanga Muni. In return, he blessed Hanuman with long life, immortality, and great powers.

Matanga Muni is revered for his wisdom, devotion and contributions to Indian classical music.

Matangi is a Hindu goddess who is associated with music, knowledge, and speech. She was one of Matanga Muni's disciples and is sometimes referred to as the "outcast goddess." Matangi was sculpted as a forest dweller girl by Matanga Muni when she was still a child, known as Bala Matangi.

Matangi is known for bestowing blessings related to education, speech and artistic abilities, especially upon those who are treated as outcasts and mediocrities. She is often metaphorically referred to as Matanga's daughter, which reflects the close bond between a spiritual teacher and disciple.
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