# Hanuman - The Epitome of Devotion
Guru’s Grace:
Hanuman discovered his true potential through his Guru's (Lord Ram) journey, by practicing total devotion and surrender. However, there are no stories about Hanuman after Ramayana, despite his gracefull availability to devotees 24x7. The same is true for Arjuna and Krishna; there are no tales for Arjuna after Kurukshetra. Even for beings like Arjuna and Hanuman, the difference in their abilities when operating with and without the presence and grace of a guru is immense.
According to my guru, Guruji Mithreshiva, Hanuman possessed incredible abilities, such as shapeshifting and 8 superpowers. However, despite these abilities, he surrendered to Ram, who had none. This represents the guru-shishya relationship, where the student should not judge the guru by their possessions and abilities. Hanuman's love and devotion to Ram transformed him, and his submission to Ram's guidance is what made him great. This remains a classic example of the transformation towards the power of devotion and surrender.
The easiest and toughest thing in the world is being a devotee not just verbally, but also soulfully, like Hanuman. ;)
Illustration Style:
Introducing Neo Bengal Folk Art - a modern take on Bengal Pattachitra, inspired by Jamini Roy's work. My Illustrations feature thick and thin outlines, vivid colours, and intricate motifs. I aim to bridge the gap between the old and new, honouring our cultural heritage and pushing the boundaries of creativity.
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