Yakshas are wild forest mystical spirits in Hindu mythology. They are depicted as forest dwellers and powerful protectors of the natural world, as well as guardians of mystical treasures. Yakshas are associated with wealth and prosperity, often holding a pot of gold or other valuable objects. They are believed to be able to grant wishes and bring good luck. Yakshas are often linked with Kubera, the god of wealth, and are worshipped in many parts of India and Southeast Asian mythlores.
Illustration Style:
Introducing Neo Bengal Folk Art - a modern take on Bengal Pattachitra, inspired by Jamini Roy's work. My Illustrations feature thick and thin outlines, vivid colours, and intricate motifs. I aim to bridge the gap between the old and new, honouring our cultural heritage and pushing the boundaries of creativity.
Indian Folk Art 365:
Be part of Indian Folk Art 365 and help rediscover traditional art styles! We're creating awareness and preserving these precious art forms for years to come. Our programmes equip younger generations and art enthusiasts with ancient folk art forms, allowing them to make a difference and contribute to the renaissance of Indian Folk Visual Arts!
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