"An unsung rebel to be remembered forever."

During the 8th century, hundreds of sub-religions within Hinduism were spreading. Adi Shankara's contributions were crucial to the survival of Hinduism. At that time, an unwritten rule dictated that the heads of different religions would debate each other. The loser and their followers would be required to convert to the winner's religion.

As an individual, Adi Shankara traveled throughout India and united all sub-religions through his wise spiritual debating skills, sharing the ultimate truth of Advaita Vedanta. He systematized and rejuvenated the process of Hindu temples, becoming one of the most influential figures in Hinduism. If you visit a temple and pray to a deity, you can credit Adi Shankara for its existence.

His philosophy of Advaita Vedanta emphasizes the oneness of all things and greatly influenced Indian thought.
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Introducing Neo Bengal Folk Art - a modern take on Bengal Pattachitra, inspired by Jamini Roy's work. My Illustrations feature thick and thin outlines, vivid colours, and intricate motifs. I aim to bridge the gap between the old and new, honouring our cultural heritage and pushing the boundaries of creativity.
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