Sathukka Bootham

📖 According to Silappathikaram (A Tamil epic),
Sadhuka Bootham is a mystical ogre deity in the city of Poompuhar who protects women and punishes wrongdoers. This powerful warrior deity punished those who spread rumors about women. Sadhukkam is the area where four streets intersect in the city, and the deity got its name from protecting the city of Poompuhar from this area. Sadhuka Bootham also showed mercy towards women and punished those who spoke ill of them.

👁️ Be a Sadhuka Bootham,

I believe that every man should be a Sadhuka Bootham in a woman's life, serving as a protector to his sister, wife, daughter, friend, and so on. It is a metaphor for the important role that men can play in supporting and safeguarding the women in their lives.
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