Our Bride and Groom illustrations in wedding invite is a one of a kind initiative to pay a tribute to the diverse wedding attires of our country. Every wedding attire has closely knit ties with their community, religion and place and has grandeur written all over it.

What makes this collection unique is the uniqueness and it takes its inspiration from Indian diversity. Each card portrays a happy couple on their big day donning their traditional wedding attire with authentic elements signifying key aspects of the wedding type.

It is a growing collection and you can prepare to be amazed when you visit here.  We are happy to share a few wedding invites for our followers.
Tamil Iyengar Wedding Couple
Radha Krishna Wedding Invitation Illustration
North Indian Bride and Groom
TamilNadu Bride and Groom
Bengali Bride and Groom
Sikh Bride and Groom, Punjab, India
Marathi Bride and Groom, Maharashtra
Tamil Iyer Bride and Groom
Tamil Iyengar Bride and Groom, Tamil Nadu, India
Tamil Iyer Bride and Groom, Tamil Nadu, India
Indian Reception Bride and Groom
Indian Engagement / Ring Ceremony Bride and Groom
Indian Bachelors' Party
Indian Wedding Ladies Sangeet

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