"Ganesha through the Seasons - The Lord of Beginnings"

The illustration draws its inspiration from the remover of obstacles, Ganesha, and the different seasons. The invite makes use of a watercolour-style to highlight the auspiciousness of the occasion in a subtle, yet beautiful way.

As you get ready to begin a new phase of your life, the deity of good fortune combined with the blessings of the guests, will make the day all the more memorable for you!
Summer: Like how summer signifies growth, the invite indicates a new chapter in your life.
Spring: Spring is considered the liveliest of all seasons. The invite indicates the liveliest moment in your life.
Autumn: Autumn is the season of change. The invite indicates abundance and change as you prepare to begin a new phase of your life.
Winter: Winter is a season of hope. The invite indicates hope and celebration as you step into a new phase.

This Quirky Indian Wedding Invitation suite contains Haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi, Engagement, Wedding & Reception event inserts with envelope.

Conceptualised and Illustrated by SCD Balaji​​​​​​​
Ganesha Invitation Digital Doodles © Quirky Invitations
Ganesha Invitation Digital Inking © Quirky Invitations
Ganesha Invitation Illustrations © Quirky Invitations
Ganesha Indian Engagement Invitation Design
Ganesha Indian Invitation Envelope Design
Ganesha Indian Haldi Invitation Design
Ganesha Indian Mehendi Invitation Design
Ganesha Indian Reception Invitation Design
Ganesha Indian Sangeet Invitation Design
Ganesha Indian Wedding Invitation Design
Ganesha Print Invitations © Quirky Invitations
Ganesha Indian Wedding Invitation Suite
Ganesha Indian Wedding Invitation Suite
Ganesha Indian Wedding Invitation
Ganesha Indian Sangeet Invitation
Ganesha Indian Reception Invitation
Ganesha Indian Engagement Invitation
Ganesha Indian Wedding Invitation

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